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In the Beginning

Jeremy Rubic was born on the last day of May , his mother recalls it being a sunny Wednesday , he was so eager to enter this world he arrived two weeks early and his father was still in Washington D.C. serving his military duty . He has been attending the Comic Convention in America’s finest city , San Diego which exposed him to many professionals and artists from underground subcultures as well as mainstream pop-culture which helped to nourish his eclectic art taste .

Art has always been a staple part of his life, he exercises his creativity by exposing himself to new puzzles and challenges in order to grow by forcing himself to overcome adversity . He would play chess against his older brothers and chess masters consistently until he found ways to beat them . At an early age he became obsessed with perfecting the art of Greco-Roman and folk-style wrestling and in high school he set records and helped win his school's first wrestling CIF championship and was ranked in the top 30 wrestlers in his division in California . He loves not only listening to music but also continues to play piano and trumpet to relive his days in concert and marching band .

In the Middle

Jeremy is also passionate about extreme sports like skateboarding, rock climbing, and mixed-martial arts where he uses these outlets to keep his mind in a state of " play " because creativity cannot happen without the essential component of " play " . When he designs it is no different , he uses the component of " play " in order to create design solutions for his clients .

When he was a graphic design and art history student at California State Polytechnic University , Pomona was exposed the history , practice , and application of visual communication design . He believes that Art History is the key to unlocking the future of design . As a designer he views each art piece from every time period as an element on the periodic table for design , and from these elements he can perform alchemy and create something new and innovative . He has had the honor and privilege to work on designs for clients such as the CEO of Shopify , SkateXS , Braille Skateboarding , Sky Ute Casino Resort Colorado , Symbolic Designs , and Barney's New York .

In the End

Jeremy aspires to bring a rebirth to the design industry providing innovative experimental solutions in global target markets . He will continue graduate school to earn his Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy . After a few years in the design industry he plans on retiring as an interactive designer and Senior Creative Director , then transition to becoming an educator by accepting a tenure-track associate professor position , so he can teach and inspire the next generation of designers so they can continue to build a better tomorrow by solving today .


I love Wrestling


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