Curriculum Vitae

Jeremy Rubic

Art Department | 3801 West temple Avenue, Building 13, Room 2223/1241 | Pomona, California 91768 || Updated May 14, 2018


Design Industry Experience:

Rubic DesignsFreelance Art Direction and Design 2013 – Present

SkateXS | Lead Graphic Production Artist 2016 – 2017

SkateXS | Graphic Design & Marketing Intern 2015 – 2016 


Additional Experience:

Premier Financial AllianceLife Agent 2017-2018

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona| Note Taker 2016

IHSSIn Home Care Provider 

J!NXWarehouse Associate 2012-2013


Gallery Exhibitions

Poly-Kroma"Plastic Ocean" Motion Graphic - 2018

Poly-Kroma"Skate Bored" Printmaking - 2015


Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Suite [Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects], HTML, CSS, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, InVision, Procreate + Apple Pencil, CorelDRAW, Medibang Paint



B.F.A. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Graphic Design 2018
Minors: Art History



Board Experience

ASA Executive Board: ENV Representative 2015


Course Experience

ART 140A Foundations of Drawing I Fall Quarter 2013

IGE 122 Auth & Faith:Medieval & Renais Fall Quarter 2013

ENG 201 Introduction to Modern Fiction Fall Quarter 2013

IGE 120 Consciousness and Community Fall Quarter 2013

ART 213 History of Western Art Fall Quarter 2013

HST 202 United States History Fall Quarter 2013

FL 113 Elementary German III Winter Quarter 2014

BIO 110Life ScienceWinter Quarter 2014

ART 150A Foundations of Two-Dimensional Winter Quarter 2014

MU 100 Introduction to Music Winter Quarter 2014

IGE 121 Ratnlsm,Revlatn,Enltmnt:AnctWl Spring Quarter 2014

ART 141A Foundations of Drawing II Spring Quarter 2014

ART 212 History of Western Art Spring Quarter 2014

ART 251A Lettering and Typography Spring Quarter 2014

ART 155A Foundations of Digital Design Fall Quarter 2014

IGE 220 Ways of Knowing:Culture/Contct Fall Quarter 2014

EWS 140 Introduction to Ethnic Studies Fall Quarter 2014

GSC 112 Earth, Time, and Life Fall Quarter 2014

IGE 221 Ways of Coext:Reform & Revoltn Winter Quarter 2015

ART 260A Printmaking Winter Quarter 2015

BIO 110 Life Science Winter Quarter 2015

ART 212 World Art: Prehst Medvl Europe Winter Quarter 2015

ART 211 Arts of Africa, Oceania, Nat A Spring Quarter 2015

ART 244A Beginning Life Drawing Spring Quarter 2015

IGE 222 Ways of Doing: Tech & Human Pu Spring Quarter 2015

ART 252A Graphic Design I Fall Quarter 2015

EC 201 Principles of Economics Fall Quarter 2015

FL 112 Elementary German II Fall Quarter 2015

BIO 301 Human Sexuality Fall Quarter 2015

ANT 201 Human Nature/Human Affairs Winter Quarter 2016

ART 253A Design and Color Theory Winter Quarter 2016

ART 254A Typography II: Norm. to Expres Winter Quarter 2016

BIO 111L Life Science Laboratory Winter Quarter 2016

PHL 481 Race and Racism in Westrn Thgt Winter Quarter 2016

IBM 301 Principles of Marketing Mgmt. Spring Quarter 2016

ART 255A Digital Image Design Spring Quarter 2016

ART 342A Technical Illustration Spring Quarter 2016

ART 214 World Art: Modern Europe & US Spring Quarter 2016

ART 275A Intro to Digital Photography Spring Quarter 2016

ENG 130 Freshman English II Fall Quarter 2016

ART 311 History of Design Fall Quarter 2016

COM 100 Public Speaking Fall Quarter 2016

ART 351A Graphic Media & Production Fall Quarter 2016

ART 314 Art of Mex, Central & S. Amer Winter Quarter 2017

EC 201 Principles of Economics Winter Quarter 2017

KIN 161A Beginning Swimming Winter Quarter 2017

ART 352A Graphic Design II Winter Quarter 2017

ART 453A Package Design Spring Quarter 2017

IBM 301 Principles of Marketing Mgmt. Spring Quarter 2017

ART 452A Graphic Design III Spring Quarter 2017

ART 355A Web Design I Spring Quarter 2017

ART 346A Illustration Fall Quarter 2017

STA 120 Statistics With Applications Fall Quarter 2017

ART 450A Book Arts 1 Activity Fall Quarter 2017

ART 455A Motion Graphics I Fall Quarter 2017

IBM 307 Promotional Strategies Fall Quarter 2017

ART 180A Foundations of 3D Design Winter Quarter 2018

ART 316 Art of the Classical World Winter Quarter 2018

ART 309 Japanese Art History Winter Quarter 2018

PSY 455 Human Sexual Behavior: Relationship Winter Quarter 2018

ART 457Graphic Design SeminarWinter Quarter 2018

ART 464Pro. Practices in Graphic DesignSpring Quarter 2018

ART 346A Illustration Spring Quarter 2018

ART 344A Life Drawing Spring Quarter 2018

ART 318Art of the Italian RenaissanceSpring Quarter 2018

GSC 141L Principles of Geology Lab Spring Quarter 2018

Conferences/ Conventions

San Diego International Comic-Con 2002

San Diego International Comic-Con 2003

San Diego International Comic-Con 2004

San Diego International Comic-Con 2005

San Diego International Comic-Con 2006

San Diego International Comic-Con 2007

San Diego International Comic-Con 2008

San Diego International Comic-Con 2010

San Diego International Comic-Con 2011

San Diego International Comic-Con 2012

San Diego International Comic-Con 2013

San Diego International Comic-Con 2014

San Diego International Comic-Con 2015

MLB All-Star Fanfest Convention 2016

San Diego International Comic-Con 2016

WonderCon 2016

San Diego International Comic-Con 2017

WonderCon 2017

CAA Los Angeles 2018


Professional Affiliations

College Art Association

Los Angeles AIGA

Premier Financial Alliance

National Life

Morning Assault

Cal Poly Pomona Martial Arts

Rancho Bernardo Wrestling


Languages and Special Training

English, Deutsch (German),Tagalog (Filipino)

(IN PROGRESS) American Sign Language and Japanese

Blackboard, Oracle PeopleSoft, and MYEDU

California Licensed Life Agent Certification- 2017

Certificate of Competency in Computer Graphic Arts - 2010


Downloadable PDF Resume

Downloadable PDF CV

References available upon request.